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About Us

Alisasweedecore is a company with a passion to grow. We launched our business on a desire to cater to family and friends, until one day encouraged by family and friends to introduce it to the world. It immediately took off. We offer a variety of dipped treats, charcuterie cups, custom balloons, gift baskets along with event planning and so much more. Please take a scroll and tell us what you would like us to customize for you. We are always creating new items to impress you!


100% Handcrafted Fresh Desserts And One Of A Kind Event Decore

At Alisa Sweet Decore, our commitment to quality and creativity is unwavering. We use the finest ingredients, handcraft every item with love and attention to detail, and strive to exceed your expectations. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply craving a sweet indulgence, we're here to turn moments into memories

Tell me your vision and I'll bring it to life!
100% Handcrafted fresh desserts and one of a kind event decore

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 *Vegan options available 

Our Services

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